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A texture gives an aesthetic expression to a plastic surface. It adds numerous values to the product and leaves deep impressions on the user’s mind.


A texture can stimulate a user’s emotions. It can be subtle but deep in its effect.

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    What a texture can do


    Make It Beautiful

    A texture can provide a visual aesthetic that impresses the users. It can also define a brand and concept for products.


    Add Function

    A texture can give plastic surfaces a non slip finish. It helps parts release from a mold, reduces squeaking noise, and more.



    A texture is a very cost effective way to decorate plastic products. No additional painting, coating or finishing is required. It's also environmental friendly.

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    SET Group have local design rooms in 8 locations in Asia. Each location develops unique patterns that reflect its regional preference and trend.

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    Chihiro Miyazaki

    Sales Manager
    Mold Tech Japan Co.Ltd.

    My name is Chihiro Miyazaki. Nice to meet you. I am currently a sales manager, but I used to work in the R&D department developing Texture. So, please feel free to ask me anything about Texture development.

    Jeremy Cheng

    Sales Directorr
    SET TAIWAN Co.Ltd.

    Hi, I am Jeremy Cheng, from SET TAIWAN Co.Ltd. I was born and raised in Taoyuan Taiwan. I used to study in Japan when I was a student, so I can speak Japanese. SET-TAIWAN, We are a  company belonging to the Mold Tech Group.

    Faisal Zulkarnaen

    Marketing Engineer
    PT. SET Indonesia

    Hello, I am Faisal Zulkarnaen. I live in Bekasi now.I enjoy spending time with my children in my spare time. I manage the marketing department of a PT.SET-Indonesia.

    Panyayut Laksap

    Sales Manager

    My name is Panayut, please call me O. I have more than 20 years of experience in texturing mold. If you want to know more about texturing Mold in Thailand, please contact me!



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